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CareFlight reassures patients and invites direct communication

Friday 27 September 2019

CareFlight would like to reassure patients and offer them a direct line to communication with a clinician in the wake of an article that appeared online in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The article reported the theft and tampering of the controlled medicine fentanyl from a CareFlight base in August, and referenced the possible impact on patients, who might have received a lower than expected dose of the medicine for pain relief.

CareFlight chief executive Mick Frewen said the organisation was very distressed to learn of the tampering, and immediately launched a full internal review of access to the drug and patient cases and informed the appropriate regulatory authorities to ensure patients remained the top priority.

“Our patients and staff are our first concern, so we have reviewed all relevant patient cases and we haven’t identified any adverse patient outcomes related to this incident.”

“We will continue to cooperate with external investigations that remain ongoing with the NSW Ministry of Health,” Mr Frewen said.

We have completed an internal investigation across all our locations and can confirm this issue has been contained.

CareFlight welcomes direct contact from any patient, or a patient’s family member, who has any concerns about the issues the article raised for them, and invites you to do so in the following way:

Call Andrea Herring, National Clinical Operations Manager on 0436 920 570