Territory Insurance Office (TIO)

TIO has committed to support CareFlight’s Northern Territory trauma care workshops

The cost of road trauma in the Territory is more than triple the national average. Rapid medical intervention, particularly for people with internal, spinal or head injuries, can save lives and reduce the risk of catastrophic and permanent impairment.

The first five to ten minutes could mean the difference between life and death for the patient. But often first responders in remote areas are on their own for a lengthy period of time before professional medical help arrives.

CareFlight’s award-winning MediSim program, sponsored by TIO, delivers life-saving skills to first responders in remote communities to help them cope on their own until more help arrives.

The program supports TIO’s purpose of helping to build confidence and resilience in the community and is delivered at no cost to the participants.

TIO’s sponsorship has allowed the program to expand from around 10 workshops a year to about 50.

The partnership between CareFlight and TIO gives first responders in remote communities the best possible training for emergency situations, improving patient outcomes across the Northern Territory.

CareFlight is extremely appreciative of TIO’s sponsorship of the CareFlight MediSim trauma care workshops.