It’s because of your generous support that CareFlight’s doctors continue to have the opportunity to save lives.

As an emergency specialist at CareFlight, Dr Adam Sroor (pictured above) has been to some terrible accident scenes.

His role means he’s been able to help many people in their time of greatest need.

It is not only his patients who have benefited, but also their family members, neighbours and friends; the people who saw the accident and ran to help; those who dragged an unresponsive child from a pool; or those performing CPR on a loved one, pleading for it to work.

“I can tell you that when the helicopter lands and our team arrives, an immediate sense of calm falls upon the scene. The CareFlight crew work swiftly and efficiently, knowing there are only seconds between life and death,” Dr Sroor said.

Dr Sroor can be right there on scene and make a time-critical decision, or perform a crucial medical intervention, which saves someone’s life.

Thanks to your support, CareFlight can take a hospital level of care, and the latest high-tech medical equipment, to the scene of an accident in minutes, to make sure the patient has the very best chance.

Christmas is one of the busiest times for CareFlight. There are more people on the road, more children swimming in pools, more holiday makers driving long distances. Which is why we need your support so urgently. Your generous donation today will help safeguard families over the holiday season.

Please give generously to the CareFlight Christmas appeal. Your life – or the life of a loved one – may depend on it.

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“CareFlight has offered me the most amazing opportunity to save lives across Australia.” – Dr Adam Sroor