Helping Territorians in need

Your support can keep us flying to the rescue in the Top End.

NT isn’t quite like other parts of Australia – we have vast areas of isolated country and coastlines.

Those distances mean that there are lots of Territorians who rely on CareFlight to provide lifesaving medical help when they need it most.

Over the past 10 years, supporters have helped fund the equipment and training for ‘down the winch’ nurses, which means they have the skills to fly into high-risk rescue operations.

They’ve helped us create scholarships to make sure we have a dedicated midwife on every shift, so if a pregnant woman needs help, we can give them and their precious baby the very best care, every step of the way.

And they’ve helped us run our Remote Trauma workshops to expand the number of first responders who know exactly what to do when they’re first on scene of an accident – a critical service in an immense country like ours.

That’s why CareFlight is so important to the Top End. We bring emergency, lifesaving care to patients, no matter where they are – and get them to hospital as fast as possible. But we can’t do what we do without the support of people like you.

Please give to our essential service, so we can keep being there for people in the NT when they need us most.

Thank you!

The next life we save could be yours.