Welcome to the patient information section

We hope this section answers any practical questions you may have about CareFlight’s retrieval service, either as a patient, or as a carer or family of a patient.

Do you have a specific individual need when being transported?

Do you need an interpreter, special consideration regarding your disability, large print, Easy Read or audio information? If so, please contact us.

Your rights

While you are in the care of CareFlight we have a duty of care towards you. This means that your well-being is our highest consideration and that all treatment we give must be beneficial.

CareFlight respects and upholds your rights to privacy protection under the Privacy Act 1988 and National Privacy Principles 2014. See our Privacy Statement. We have a Healthcare Policy that outlines the principles followed by our staff and your rights as we provide treatment to you.

For us the patient is always our priority – we follow the principles of Person-Centred Care that places you at the centre of your own care and also considers the needs of your carers and family.

Patient information leaflets (PILs)

CareFlight has developed PILs, which are leaflets containing specific information about medical conditions and transport requirements linked to our retrieval service. The following leaflets are available:

We are constantly updating these leaflets, so check each time for the latest ones.

Infection control and our aircraft

You may have heard about hospital acquired infections (HAIs). CareFlight brings a hospital level of care to you in our retrieval service, and infections (germs) can be transmitted while on your journey with us. CareFlight does transport infectious patients (about 2% of all our missions include transporting infectious patients). We have developed specific protocols based on international best practice when transporting such patients and apply special aircraft specific decontamination processes after each transport. These processes decrease the chance of disease transmission.

As hand hygiene is the single most important factor in reducing transmission of germs, all staff have access to hand rub to help prevent transmission of germs. We recommend that you use it as well: please ask your clinical staff if you cannot see the hand rub available for your use. Bottles of hand rub should be located in all patient care areas of CareFlight including road vehicles, all aircraft and loading/staging areas.


We welcome compliments, comments, concerns and complaints to ensure that we continue to provide high quality care to you and your family. You can raise anything from comments to complaints with the professional delivering your care or, alternatively, provide feedback by contacting us.

Current NSQHS Standard statistics

Whilst striving to provide you with the highest standards of clinical care, we constantly review the services we provide to you. We report our service delivery against criteria from the national practice standards published by the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in HealthCare (ACSQHC – www.safetyandquality.gov.au).

Our results for these standards against the 3,713 patients we treated on our missions in 2016 were:

  • Percentage of Healthcare Acquired Infections……….0%
  • Percentage of medication errors………………………0.003%
  • Percentage of patient identification errors…………..0%
  • Percentage of Clinical Handover errors……………….0%
  • Percentage of Blood Transfusion errors………………0%
  • Percentage of pressure injuries……………………….0%
  • Percentage of falls resulting in harm…………………0%

Note: *0.03% medication errors related to one case where the drug amiodarone was mixed with saline rather than dextrose as recommended in the drug prescribing information (amiodarone may precipitate out in saline solutions, dependent upon the duration the mixture is in the bag before being delivered to the patient). In this event the solution was given to the patient before any precipitation occurred. There were no adverse effects on the patient during, or after, the infusion.

We were independently audited against these standards by SAI Global in December 2016 who reported back to the ACSQHC that the standards have been effectively managed with core and developmental action items being satisfactorily met and awarded CareFlight with 6 ‘met with merits’ for our medical governance.