Ashley’s rescue was one of the most dramatic ever.

Your gift today could save other children like her.

Baby Ashley and her brother Liam were having a bath when Ashley slipped – her mum had stepped out for a second to get towels and ran in to find her daughter face down in the water. She screamed and raced Ashley outside, where neighbours called emergency services.

CareFlight were able to reach Ashley within minutes. She was blue and not breathing. Dr Shane Trevithick and the crew worked intensely to find and support her faint heartbeat, to intubate and stabilise her. Without CareFlight’s rapid response at the scene, she would not have survived.

Ashley is now a thriving 13 year old. Every few years, she comes back to say hello to her ‘CareFlight family’. She is living proof of why CareFlight matters.

“To see a child you helped save grow up, is pretty special.” John Hoad, pilot

Without your support, children like Ashley would not be here.

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continue saving lives and keep families together.

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