Helping Territorians in need

Your urgent support can keep us flying to the rescue of others, like Clare.

My name is Clare and I was born and bred in the cattle industry. I’ve spent my life on remote properties but I never realised just how glad I would be to have CareFlight by my side until I was seriously injured.

My accident happened on a cattle station about 800km southwest of Katherine in late February. I’d just started my new job when a young horse took fright and kicked me. My left leg bone shattered and I dropped to the ground in agony.

I’ve seen CareFlight in action before, but it really hit home for me that day just how lucky I was to be able to count on a service like theirs.

Will you join me and support CareFlight with a gift this Christmas, so they can keep flying to the rescue of other NT people, like me?

The first thing I asked for was to be knocked out. I knew my leg was bad and I didn’t want to hear them talking about it. Dr Andrew assessed me. He made sure I didn’t have any internal injuries. Then he administered medication to relieve the pain on the trip back to the airstrip and the flight to Darwin Hospital.

You just can’t put a price on what CareFlight do. I was so frightened and they were right by my side every step of the way, caring for me not only as a patient, but as a person. Their skills, their professionalism and their kindness made all the difference.

They saved my leg that day – and my way of life.

Your gift today will ensure CareFlight can keep racing to the side of others like Clare, this Christmas.