The Golden Hour

Your support will help our CareFlight crew deliver specialist emergency medical care in the critical ‘Golden Hour’

The first 60 minutes – the ‘Golden Hour’ – after a traumatic head injury are critical. CareFlight’s medical care at the scene significantly improves survival and recovery. To keep flying, Careflight needs the support of generous people like you.
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When 13-year-old Dylan sustained a life-threatening head injury, community support meant the CareFlight crew could deliver the emergency care he needed during the critical ‘Golden Hour’ to help save his life. Read Dylan’s story below.

The Golden Hour - CareFlight

Dylan was enjoying a swim with his mates. Then disaster struck.
Dylan, an avid water polo player, was making the most of the last day of school holidays, swimming at an ocean pool with friends. Suddenly, he slipped on the wet concrete and fell forward, hitting his head and landing face down in the water, unconscious. Thanks to the quick actions of a nearby swimmer, he was pulled out before he drowned.

Dylan needed help fast. CareFlight were in the air in minutes.
When CareFlight landed at a nearby oval and raced to the scene, there was chaos and anxiety amongst the gathered crowd. CareFlight’s Dr Pat Liston quickly took charge. He could see Dylan’s injuries were extremely serious and he needed urgent treatment. Without it, his head trauma would be life-threatening.

Every minute counted. The crew swung into action.
Dylan was confused and combative, something common in head trauma patients, but most unlike Dylan. Working quickly, the CareFlight crew intubated Dylan putting him into an induced coma. This allowed them to stabilise their young patient and helped relieve the pressure on his brain, preventing further damage. Dr Liston knew giving Dylan this care quickly was critical to saving his life.

CareFlight’s rapid response helicopter raced Dylan to hospital.
Fearing the worst, Dylan’s parents, Aileen and Derek headed straight to the pool the instant they heard about their son’s accident. When CareFlight arrived, they knew he was in the very best hands. CareFlight stabilised Dylan and continued treatment en route to hospital. Aileen and Derek followed in their car, anxious to be with their son.

Dylan’s recovery was amazing, thanks to CareFlight.
Dr Liston met Derek and Aileen at the hospital and gave them an update on their son. Dylan was slowly brought out of his induced coma, and he was closely monitored by hospital staff over the next few days. Dylan was out of hospital and recovering at home within a week of his accident.
The ‘Golden Hour’ treatment he received by CareFlight meant Dylan went home to his parents, safe and sound.

Your support can help kids like Dylan survive.
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I don’t want to think about what would have happened if CareFlight hadn’t been there for Dylan. I’ve since learned about the ‘Golden Hour’

– Aileen, Dylan’s mum

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