Help CareFlight Train Responders to Save Lives

Sometimes there are only minutes to save a life.

If you were seriously injured or ill far from anywhere, wouldn’t you want someone to respond to help you?

Donate now to help train emergency first responders, who are often the first on scene in their local communities, with the skills to save lives.

More than basic first aid, this training makes a huge difference, especially in regional and remote areas where health services are stretched across vast distances.

Country fire, state emergency and volunteer rescue, volunteer ambulance service personnel as well as community health clinicians learn practical skills in simulated accident scenarios with life-like patient manikins. This training is free to participants only because of the support of people just like you.

With over 500,000 active emergency volunteers across Australia and hundreds of accident victims and other critically ill patients who rely on these volunteers every year to save their lives, your support is needed to train more emergency responders to help when the worst happens.

Please donate today.