Every life we save is a person who is loved

Mark meets CareFlight rapid response crew

When our CareFlight crew meet people, it’s usually because they’re having the worst day of their lives. Every scene we’re called to involves a person who woke up that morning fully expecting to go home at the end of the day. These accidents can change people’s lives forever.

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Mark is an experienced arborist and safety is a priority. So, it never crossed his mind when he kissed his wife and toddler son goodbye, and headed off to work one morning, that shortly he would urgently need CareFlight to fly to his rescue.

Mark had fallen 10 metres from a tree, landing on the hilt of his chainsaw.

Our ability to provide emergency hospital-level treatment at the scene of the accident is crucial for a patient with multiple life-threatening injuries like Mark’s, which included a spinal injury and internal organ damage.

Please give a tax-deductible gift today, to make sure we can get to those who need us most – when they need us most.

Your gift today means more people like Mark will get hospital level, emergency treatment at the scene.