Christmas Appeal

The full force of CareFlight’s world-class medical care flew into action to save Tracy’s life. Help us ‘CareFlight’ others in need this holiday season.

When our crew bring a patient through a hospital’s doors, there’s a saying: the patient hasn’t been retrieved, they’ve been ‘CareFlighted’.

Whether it’s because of the speed and hospital-level care of our rescue helicopter crews, our fixed wing patient transport or our MediSim trauma care workshop for first responders, patients who are ‘CareFlighted’ are likely to have better outcomes.

People like Tracy Jackson, who was minutes away from dying after a horrific road accident. Tracy could have bled to death on the side of the road, but for the fact that MediSim-trained motorist, David, knew what to do to keep her alive until our rapid response helicopter arrived. Our CareFlight crew then took her life saving care to the next level, intubating and stabilising Tracy before airlifting her to hospital.

“David’s quick medical attention and the timely response of the CareFlight crew – it’s why I’m here today.”

– Tracy, CareFlight patient

CareFlight relies on the support of Australians like you to keep our critical services running.

An accident like Tracy’s could happen to anyone.

Your tax-deductible gift today, will make sure we can be ready to deliver emergency care at the scene of an accident, this Christmas holiday period.

We need you now, to help us keep flying to the rescue.