Our Current Appeal - CareFlight

Every day, our crews are ready to answer the next urgent call for help. It could be a suburban backyard or a remote cattle station in the Top End.

As we continue to face a new national COVID-19 threat, our pilots know just how far and wide we go to save lives – and how incredibly far your support goes to help Australians when their lives hang in the balance. People we’ve helped, like Gary.

It was raining heavily when Gary’s truck rolled on the highway, ejecting him and pinning his arm underneath the cabin, where it was submerged in rising mud and water. Our crew’s training and experience were critical in saving Gary’s life that fateful day.

“If it wasn’t for what you did that day, I wouldn’t be standing here now.”
– Gary, CareFlight patient

CareFlight relies on the support of everyday Australians like you to keep flying to the rescue.

None of us know what’s around the corner

Your tax-deductible gift today will make sure we can keep answering the call for help.

We need you now, to help us keep flying to the rescue.