It was just after 12.30pm on June 15, when CareFlight received a call about a major motorway accident.

Flying over the scene within eight minutes, CareFlight trauma specialist, Dr Paul Hanley and his crew were met with a wreckage of vehicles.

Aaron was found in what was left of his truck cabin.

“His accident was possibly one of the worst I’ve seen in recent memory,” Dr Hanley said.

Driving from work, Aaron was meant to be on the way to his brother’s wedding being held the following day.

Swerving suddenly to avoid an 11-car pile-up, Aaron’s cabin hit the barrier and crumpled, causing his right arm to be pinned to the mangled window metal, his entire body weight hanging from it.

The force of the impact had broken his arm in four places and torn all the skin off his armpit.

Fortunately for Aaron, CareFlight had just become the first civilian rescue service in Australia to carry blood plasma as part of its specialist intensive care equipment.

As emergency crews began the dangerous work of cutting him free, Dr Hanley stood by with the life-saving plasma – and when Aaron’s blood pressure dropped dramatically, he received an Australian first treatment of plasma at the scene, which helped stabilise him for the trip to hospital.

“It was this transfusion that kept him alive during his dangerous rescue operation,” Dr Hanley said.

Now recovering well, Aaron knows how much worse the outcome of his accident could have been if it not for CareFlight’s pioneering treatment.

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Saving Aaron’s life was an Australian first. 

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