“I just kept saying out loud, ‘Please let my little boy be okay.’” Kylie, Cooper’s Mum

“Our nine-year-old son, Cooper, is a real bundle of energy, with a great big heart. He loves to dance, and he makes us laugh a lot. We couldn’t imagine our family life without him.

“But last November, without warning, his beautiful heart stopped.”

Cooper suddenly collapsed during a dance class and went into cardiac arrest. He was not breathing.

CareFlight was called.

Within minutes, the helicopter landed on the oval next to the school hall where the dance class was being held, and the CareFlight crew raced to Cooper’s side.

One of the senior dance students had immediately started performing emergency CPR. Cooper’s heart was beating again, but CareFlight’s Dr Ruth Parsell noted that Cooper had been vomiting and wasn’t breathing well.

Because of those precious minutes without a heartbeat, brain damage was a real threat. Dr Parsell got to work intubating Cooper, and as soon as he was stable enough, the team rushed him to hospital.

“When we arrived at the emergency department, Ruth approached us and said, “He’s a very sick little boy, but he’s alive.” We’ve never felt more relieved,” said Kylie.

“Cooper may never have survived without the specialist emergency care that the CareFlight crew provided at the scene so quickly. So we hope you will give a gift to help keep CareFlight in the air, saving more lives like Cooper’s.”

Tests revealed Cooper has a rare genetic heart condition. When too much adrenalin is pumping around his body, his heart can stop beating. 

Thanks to the rapid response emergency medical care at the scene, Cooper not only survived, he also escaped long-term brain trauma from the loss of oxygen.

Cooper now has a defibrillator implant in case his heart stops beating again. Back at school, Cooper has regained his positive attitude to life, and his family have their little boy back. 

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A call to CareFlight saved our family. 

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