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Simon Walker had finished working for five weeks in a West Arnhem Land Indigenous community when he began the long drive home to his wife and children, just in time for Christmas. As he drove around a bend with his trailer, Simon braked when he saw floodwaters across the road. However, his car flipped on the dirt, pinning Simon against a tree.

If it wasn’t for another car driving down that remote road, Simon wouldn’t have returned to his family. When the call for help sounded, CareFlight was swiftly in the air and the crew embarked on what would be a two-day mission across Australia to save Simon’s life.

Help us come to the rescue when loved ones’ lives are threatened. 

“I don’t know how long he lay there on that desolate stretch of dirt road in agony. Without CareFlight, I know he wouldn’t have made it,” – Sally Walker, Simon’s wife.

When CareFlight arrived, the crew had to build a makeshift bridge across floodwaters to reach Simon. He had been unconscious, had terrible back pain and lost sensation in his legs.

Simon had significant spinal injuries and it took 40 minutes to stabilise him for air transport to Royal Darwin Hospital. Doctors determined Simon needed urgent spinal surgery in Adelaide and CareFlight were tasked to transfer him.

During a stopover to refuel in Alice Springs, CareFlight learned that storms and fog in Adelaide prevented them from landing. It was a race against time to liaise with specialised hospitals across Australia and CareFlight was able to secure a place for Simon in Sydney.

Twenty minutes into their flight to Sydney, Simon experienced a seizure. The flight nurse and pilot had to intubate Simon to keep him breathing.

Simon was transferred to Royal North Shore Hospital to receive the specialist surgery he needed and spent three months undergoing an excruciating rehabilitation journey.

CareFlight knows that accidents can happen in the busiest, and most remote areas of Australia. Thanks to your support, CareFlight can be there to rescue Australians who never expect to be in life-threatening situations. Your support will save lives, like Simon, and keep families together.

That’s why we hope you’ll give generously this holiday season with a gift.

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Your support will save lives, like Simon, and keep families together.

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