Our Vision

To be Australia’s most trusted rapid response critical care service

Our Mission

To save lives, speed recovery and serve the community by providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care

Our Guiding Principles

CareFlight has one set of Guiding Principles incorporating its values and cultural attributes. These guide behaviour and help to ensure we operate to the highest standards. Our Guiding Principles are based around our service to the community, excellence, unity and integrity, and they apply to all our activities and people. They describe our values, our culture and personality, both internally and externally, the way we work and what we stand for.

Service – we:

  • are dedicated first and foremost to the welfare of our patients
  • hold true to and sustain our charitable purpose
  • commit to engage with and be accountable to all we serve – the community, business, government and our partners
  • are a professional, passionate, egalitarian organisation operating in an environment of innovation
  • aim at all times to provide value to all our supporters and be worthy of their trust

Excellence – we:

  • adhere to the highest safety, operating and clinical standards
  • promote the education, training, development and retention of our people
  • dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement, innovation and research
  • always strive for excellence in what we do
  • contribute to the global emergency aeromedical research pool

Unity – we:

  • operate as one organisation with a united, national and international perspective
  • respect each other and are loyal to our organisation
  • support one another in the knowledge that “your success is my success”
  • build teamwork with our partners in the chain of survival

Integrity – we:

  • adhere to the highest ethical standards
  • foster a culture of statutory and regulatory compliance
  • exercise fairness in all our dealings