Nutrien Ag Solutions Emergency Trauma Training powered by CareFlight

Every minute counts at a traumatic incident, and those minutes are even more precious when medical services are hundreds of kilometres away in rural and regional Australia.

To help combat this, Nutrien Ag Solutions and CareFlight have partnered to deliver their Emergency Trauma Training program. The program will provide participants with the skills and confidence to deliver life-saving assistance across Australia in agricultural settings.

The courses build knowledge, skills and confidence that improve long-term patient outcomes and build resilience in communities.

Participants can practice the skills needed to make appropriate decisions, communicate with others at the scene and take action that could help to save a life.

Every minute counts when help is hundreds of km away. Why attend Agriculture Emergency Trauma Training?


What happens on the day?

Taught by clinical professionals, the course is a hands-on mix of theoretical and simulation-based trauma response training.

Training includes agricultural trauma scenarios using simulation manikins, where participants work together in teams with their colleagues and learn about trauma care skills and communication at accident scenes.

Scenario training utilises tools like CareFlight’s CrashSim which replicates a motor vehicle accident.

The program covers the triage of patients, assessment and scene risk awareness. It also teaches terminology and procedures for an efficient and effective handover to medical personnel when they arrive on scene.

About Nutrien Ag Solutions

With 4,000 employees across Australia, Nutrien Ag Solutions is the largest provider of agricultural services and inputs to farmers in Australia. Nutrien Ag Solutions operates across every corner of the country and is a key member of the rural and regional communities in which we live and work. Find out more about Nutrien Ag Solutions.

About CareFlight

  • CareFlight is an Australian emergency aeromedical and rescue charity with a mission to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community.
  • Clinically current nurses and paramedics deliver the training so you’re learning from real first responders
  • We take years of experience in providing emergency trauma treatment to patients and pass that knowledge on to you
  • Experience delivering emergency training to countless emergency services such as the SES, State Police, Fire and Rescue, and Rural Fire Services across Australia
  • Realistic and pragmatic approach to training, we keep things simple to understand and provide hands-on, practical examples
  • We empower participants with the CONFIDENCE to act if their new-found skills are needed

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