CareFlight encourages equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with the aim of creating a culture which respects others and celebrates our differences. Australia houses a community of diverse employees, and hiring them isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

We strive to employ a workforce that is representative of all areas of society and of the communities in which we serve.

Our goal is to create a workplace that provides equal opportunities in respect to employment and employment conditions.

CareFlight is committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion, and to ensuring we strive for excellence in these areas across all facets of our organisation, including recruitment, governance, management and decision-making.

Diversity and inclusion

CareFlight is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that embraces and promotes diversity and inclusion.

Workplace diversity and inclusion helps create workplaces that are more creative, innovative, adaptable and improves employee engagement and wellbeing, performance and retention.

CareFlight employs staff from a range of backgrounds such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, American, British, Canadian, Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Italian, Irish, Korean, New Zealander, South African and Vietnamese.

CareFlight has actively developed policies and actions to address diversity and inclusion across the organisation.

These policies and actions are supported by recent statistics*, which highlight the importance of diversity to a workplace:

  • Racially diverse teams financially outperform less diverse competitors by 35%
  • A diverse group of employees can increase innovation output by 20%
  • Organisations with diverse leadership have revenue streams that are higher by 19%
  • A team with diversity of thought can spot and reduce workplace risk by up to 30%
  • Diverse companies are more likely to capture new markets by 70%
  • People living with disability are more likely to stay in their jobs for longer than other workers and less likely to take days off or sick leave than other workers
  • Millennial employees (born 1980 to early 2000s) will account for over 70% of the workforce in the next few years, and diversity and inclusion is firmly on their agenda


Workplace gender equality will be achieved when people are able to access and enjoy equal rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender.

Workplaces need to take active steps to promote and normalise gender equality and challenge sexism and discrimination. This is because evidence is clear that not only does violence, harassment and sexism occur in workplaces, but that workplace structures and cultures influence gender inequality.

CareFlight takes its commitment to address equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace seriously, and will continue to drive initiatives that promote a diverse and inclusive working environment.

CareFlight has developed the below policies and actions to address gender equality across the organisation: 

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • A Gender Equality Policy
  • An Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • A Flexible Work Arrangements Policy
  • Mandated Equal Employment Opportunity and discrimination training

To ensure CareFlight continues to deliver on its commitments to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, the Board and Management of CareFlight in close collaboration have set measurable objectives. The Board and Management will regularly review progress towards achievement of the objectives.

 *Sources: McKinsey, Diversity Matters Report; Deloitte, The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths; Job Access, the benefits of employing people with disability; Neurodiversity at work, CIPD; Intersections at Work, Diversity Council Australia; Closing the Gap report; Diversity and Inclusion report, Boston Consulting Group; Pew Research Centre; How Diversity Can Drive Innovation, Harvard Business Review; Weber Shandwick and KRC Research; The surprising reason most millennial workers will leave a company, CEO Magazine; Workplace Equality and Respect, Wire.