CareFlight’s fleet of medi-jets are ‘flying hospitals’, which are fitted with fully-equipped intensive care units and are crewed by specialist doctors and nurses.

In addition to a large proportion of CareFlight’s caseload of patient transfers within Australia, our medi-jets also regularly undertake missions to and from the Indonesian Archipelago, the South Western Pacific and South-East Asia.

Integrated management and control of our jet fleet allows us to optimise crew rostering and maintenance scheduling. This means better aircraft availability, the fundamental requirement for getting our medical teams airborne and on the way to our patients in the shortest possible time.


The Gulfstream G150 jet, represents a new generation of aeromedical retrieval for Australia and its regional neighbours.

The jet was selected to deliver CareFlight’s inter-hospital aeromedical jet evacuation service based in Darwin on behalf of the Northern Territory Government.

It is Australia’s first dedicated medical jet with the capability to transport critically ill patients directly across the continent and from South East Asia.

  • With a flight speed of more than 1,000 kilometres per hour and a range of more than 5,300 kilometres, the G150 can fly significantly longer distances at a much faster speed compared to any other option available in Australia today.
  • From its base in Darwin, the G150 can fly to Sydney and Melbourne in 3.7 hours and Adelaide and Perth in 3.2 hours. Internationally, it can reach Hong Kong in 4.2 hours, Bali in 1.7 hours and Dili in 1 hour.
  • CareFlight’s G150 has a custom designed aeromedical interior with multiple cabin configuration options. This allows for a diverse mix of missions including multiple patients, critical non-stop rapid neonatal services and aeromedical evaluations services for government agencies like the National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC) and the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
  • CareFlight’s G150 can be configured to carry CareFlight’s specialist nurse and doctor, two stretchered patients and two seated patients, or one stretchered patient and four seated patients.

Beechjet 400 aircraft

CareFlight owns and operates specially configured Beechjet 400s.

These jets are used to transport critically ill and injured patients over vast distances to specialist treatment centres across Australia and internationally.

Extensive modifications undertaken by CareFlight’s qualified engineers include installing medical stretchers, special flooring and the electrical components needed to turn the cabins of our Beechjet 400s into state of-the-art airborne hospitals.