Baby Emergency Education & CPR

Let CareFlight’s expert Clinical Educators help you become confident when caring for the children in your life.

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Why organise a CareFlight Baby Emergency Education and CPR session?


  • Learn from real first responders: The Course is delivered by CareFlight’s clinically current nurses and paramedics.
  • Years of experience: We take over 35 years of experience providing emergency prehospital trauma treatment to patients and pass that knowledge on to participants.
  • Realistic and practical: We ensure a realistic and hands-on approach, we keep things simple to understand and provide practical examples and anecdotes.
  • Confidence to act: We empower participants with the CONFIDENCE to act if and when their new-found knowledge is needed.
  • Not-for-profit: We’re a for-purpose organisation so 100% of profits go back into providing lifesaving services to saving lives and building resilience in communities.
  • You are in the best of hands: Our team delivers emergency training to countless emergency services personnel such as the State Emergency Services, Police, Fire and Rescue, and Rural Fire Services across Australia.

What will I learn?

We have developed a concise program based on paediatric First Aid principles, with a focus on the things that we know new parents and carers are likely to be exposed to. The clinical educator will discuss such topics with you as airways, choking, bleeding, fevers, allergies and how to manage the most common and scary injuries like burns. We will advise you how best to react, and when you should seek more help.

Who is it recommended for?

The Course will run for three hours and it’s suitable for organisations caring for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

If you are part of a childcare centre, school or mothers group and would like to find out how to host a session, please enquire below.


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