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CareFlight Base Visits

Did you know you can experience a unique tour of the CareFlight facilities and meet our people at our Darwin and Sydney bases?

Free tours can be arranged for groups of up to 50 people to visit the bases on weekdays and some weekends. Visits are approximately 60 minutes long.

CareFlight’s aviation and/or medical crew will be invited to talk to our guests about their work. Bear in mind that CareFlight cannot guarantee the presence of the helicopters during a visit: they may be away on a critical mission or on essential crew training.

There is no charge for your visit. However, CareFlight bears and other CareFlight merchandise will be available for purchase to help keep our doctors flying. And of course donations are always gratefully accepted.

Please note, as this is the operations base for an aeromedical emergency service, a range of special provisions do apply. Please get in touch to learn more.

Visit the Darwin base

CareFlight’s hangar at Darwin airport is a working base, housing medi-jets, fixed wing aeroplanes and the CareFlight TIO Rescue Helicopter. It is a 24 hour, 365 days per year operation.

Groups are welcome to arrange a visit during business hours to see the hangars and aircraft, and to learn about CareFlight’s life-saving work.

The Top End Medical Retrieval Service is operated by CareFlight on behalf of the Northern Territory Government. Generous support from the local community and local business helps fund the Top End AW139 CareFlight Rescue Helicopter.

Location: 12 Lancaster Rd (Darwin International Airport), Marrara.

Contact: Fundraising & Community Engagement Officer, Timmy O’Connor, on (08) 8928 9777 or contact us here.

Visit the Westmead base

The CareFlight centre at our national headquarters in Westmead, Sydney, is a working helicopter base and medical training facility.

There are two ways in which you can visit the base.

Day Visits

You can arrange for your group to visit the base on weekdays between 10.30am and 7.30pm. Weekend visits can also be arranged. The duration of the visit is approximately 60 minutes.

There is no charge for your visit. However, to help keep our doctors flying, CareFlight bears will be available for purchase. Other CareFlight merchandise will also be available and, of course, donations are gratefully accepted.

Morning tea, afternoon tea and supper can be arranged.

Base Dinners

You can arrange for your club to hold a meeting at the base and combine it with a dinner. At weekends we can make this a lunch or dinner.

CareFlight will set out chairs and tables for a sit-down meal in the hangar. We will organise for a caterer to provide a main course, dessert, tea/coffee and soft drinks, if required. There is a cost per head for this catering.

Groups can make their own catering arrangements if they wish to do so.

The recommended start time for a base dinner is between 6.30pm and 7.00pm.

The helicopter crew will be invited to talk to the guests about their work and to join them for dinner. However, CareFlight cannot guarantee the presence of the helicopters during a visit: they may be away on a mission or on essential crew training.

Please Note

The CareFlight base is operational from 9.30am to 9.30pm every day. If our helicopters should require major maintenance we may need to ask you to reschedule your visit. We will give you as much notice as possible.

As this is the operations base for a helicopter medical service, safety precautions apply. CASA regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol on our operational premises and smoking is not permitted.

You will be required to provide a list of all those attending for security reasons.

Location: the grounds of Westmead Hospital, Redbank Road, Westmead.

Contact: For further information about a base visit or base dinner, please contact Teresa Tree from our Community Engagement team on (02) 9843 5100 or by emailing

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