Language barriers can make accessing healthcare difficult for many First Nations Peoples. Effective communication is crucial, sometimes a matter of life and death. Our In-Language Program aims to eliminate these barriers by offering language-sensitive communication tools. The In-language Patient Rights & Survey tool empowers patients to understand their rights and responsibilities and provide valuable feedback.

The CareFlight In-Language Patient Rights Tool is available in the major language groups across the top end of the Northern Territory: Kriol, Yolngu Matha, Murrinh Patha, Tiwi, Maung, Burarra, Kunwunjku, Warlpiri, Anindilyakwa.

Special thanks to VIVA Energy Australia for supporting the development of this vital tool to help close the gap in understanding for health services.

View a demonstration video Viva Energy Australia & CareFlight In-Language Program in Kriol language