A 68-year-old mountain biker who was reported missing on Monday has been found and rescued by CareFlight from the Lambells Lagoon area late yesterday evening.

The man was mountain biking on Monday afternoon from Acacia Hills and when he did not return, the NT Police were informed. They launched a search operation using air and ground resources.

CareFlight was notified and a helicopter was activated for a night-time search using our night vision capabilities.

NT Police coordinated the operation and assigned air search areas to CareFlight and the Australian Defence Force.

After approximately an hour of searching with night vision goggles, the CareFlight crew nurse spotted the flashing red light from the man’s bicycle and found him in a floodplain. The flight nurse was winched down to assess the patient. Fortunately, the man was alive and not seriously injured, suffering from exhaustion and dehydration.

CareFlight is pleased to have worked with NT Police and the Australian Defence Force to deliver this successful search and rescue.