A 40-year-old man riding his motorcycle on a gravel road has crashed through fencing and landed in shrubbery by a river between St Albans and Wisemans Ferry.

The man broke his leg and made a triple zero call.

CareFlight’s Rapid Response Helicopter was tasked by NSW Ambulance shortly before 12:00pm to the area and the aeromedical crew circled at a low altitude following the man’s instructions to identify his location among the bushy terrain. CareFlight’s aircrew officer spotted the man waving through the trees and the helicopter landed in a nearby field.

The CareFlight aeromedical team were first on scene and made their way to the scene of the incident where the patient was trapped on steep, unsteady rocks in the bushland. CareFlight’s specialist doctor and NSW Ambulance critical care paramedic assessed the patient’s condition and provided pain relief as the aircrew officer scoped out the area to identify the best path to extricate the man.

An hour after CareFlight’s arrival, NSW Ambulance paramedics and members from the Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service arrived to help extricate the patient. Following a two-hour long extrication where CareFlight’s clinical team worked in tandem with the other emergency services personnel, the man was prepared for flight transfer to hospital.

The man was airlifted in a stable condition under continuing observation from CareFlight’s clinical team to Westmead Hospital.