A 41-year-old male on a motorcycle has suffered critical injuries in a collision with a truck on Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh.

CareFlight’s Rapid Response Helicopter was tasked to the scene of the incident at 9:30am and arrived minutes later. NSW Police had closed off a section of the road.

CareFlight’s aircrew performed a ‘hot-unloading’ of the specialist doctor and NSW Ambulance critical care paramedic directly at the scene of the incident. The aircrew kept the rotors of the helicopter spinning as the medical crew alighted. The measure enabled the helicopter to clear the busy scene immediately.

NSW Ambulance paramedics were on scene providing initial treatment to the man and CareFlight’s aeromedical team provided further treatment for injuries to his pelvis and lower limbs. A blood and plasma transfusion was performed roadside on the patient by CareFlight’s specialist doctor.

The CareFlight and NSW Ambulance critical care team provided ongoing treatment to the patient as he was taken by road to Royal North Shore in a critical condition.