A 63-year-old worker has been injured after he fell four storeys through a hole in the basement of a construction site in Castle Hill.

The man landed on an underground level and sustained injuries to his back, abdomen and leg.

CareFlight’s Rapid Response Helicopter was tasked at 3:15PM and landed after a four-minute flight in a carpark on Gay Street, Castle Hill. CareFlight’s aeromedical crew made their way to the scene where NSW Ambulance paramedics were providing initial treatment.

It took 30 minutes for emergency service crews to extricate the man from the lower levels of the multi-storey building.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor and critical care paramedic assessed the man’s injuries with a portable ultrasound device.

The patient was transported by road ambulance in a stable condition to Westmead Hospital under the ongoing treatment of CareFlight’s aeromedical team.