A 28-year-old man was airlifted from the Douglas Daly region this afternoon with a suspected Brown Snake bite.

The man was camping in bush about 20km from Adelaide River and was on a walk when it is believed he was bitten by the deadly snake.

Local Adelaide River Top End Health Clinic staff drove directly to the remote location to treat and then transport the man to a helicopter meet-up.

The CareFlight Top End rescue helicopter took off at 11.22am, landing at the Adelaide River Oval to meet the patient within an hour.

Clinic staff drove him back to the Adelaide River, where the man was met by a CareFlight retrieval team consisting of a doctor and flight nurse.

CareFlight, who operates the Top End Retrieval Service on behalf of the Northern Territory Government, praised the Adelaide River Clinic staff for their quick response in reaching the man and providing timely care.

The CareFlight team provided initial treatment at the scene and then transported the man to Royal Darwin Hospital, where he arrived at about 12.50pm in a stable condition.