A 27-year-old man has been taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a serious condition after a crane collapsed in North Sydney earlier today.

He suffered chest, spinal and pelvic injuries and a fractured upper arm as a result of the incident.

The patient was one of three men who were on the crane when it gave way and crashed into a building on a construction site.

The men’s co-workers sprung into action and rescued them by using an adjacent crane.

CareFlight’s rapid response helicopter landed at North Sydney Oval at about 11.45am and the medical crew were brought to the scene by NSW Police.

They treated the most seriously injured patient, a 27-year-old man, at the scene. He was then transported to Royal North Shore Hospital by road, by NSW Ambulance, with CareFlight’s medical crew on board.

The patient is in a serious condition in hospital.

The other two men were also taken to hospital, both in a stable condition.