A 41-year-old male is in a critical condition after he was stabbed multiple times at a convenience store on the Central Coast earlier this morning.

CareFlight’s rapid response helicopter was tasked at 9.30am to the local convenience store in Wyong, landing just 25 minutes later on a nearby football field.

Ambulance crews were first to arrive at the scene, loading the man onto a stretcher so he could be safely transported to the helicopter.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor and critical care paramedic joined the Ambulance crews, treating the man who had suffered significant and multiple stab wounds to his upper body.

The aeromedical control centre in Sydney organised additional blood products to be delivered to the scene from Wyong hospital, the first transported with Police Highway Patrol and the second by ambulance.

CareFlight’s medical team performed emergency surgery on the shopkeeper, giving him a blood transfusion as well as a plasma transfusion to help stem the bleeding, before intubating him to stabilise his condition.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor, Chris Cheeseman said the additional blood and plasma saved his life.

“CareFlight carry two units of blood and two units of plasma, but that wouldn’t have been sufficient, so it was the additional units of blood that really made the difference to his life,” Dr Cheeseman said.

“We were able to get him to Royal North Shore Hospital and get him into theatre.”

The man continued to receive treatment from the CareFlight team as he was airlifted to Royal North Shore Hospital in a critical condition.