A 42-year-old driver has been airlifted to hospital in a stable condition after his truck collided with another truck this morning on the M1 Pacific Motorway at Mooney Mooney.

It is understood the trucks were travelling northbound along the motorway just past Jolls Bridge, when the collision occurred.

CareFlight’s rapid response helicopter was tasked at 9am to the incident, where police crews were required to stop traffic to allow the helicopter to land just metres away from the scene.

Fire and Rescue crews were on scene working to free the man who was trapped from the waist down.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor and critical care paramedic assessed the driver as he remained trapped and took precautionary action for spinal injuries.

Over an hour later the patient was removed from the wreckage and CareFlight’s medical team continued treatment on the man for lower body injuries.

The patient was airlifted to Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition.

Ambulance crews were also on scene providing assistance.