A 32-year-old man has undergone emergency medical intervention while he remained impaled on steel reinforcing for up to an hour at a work site in Gosford this afternoon.

It’s understood the man was working on the eighth floor of the construction site when he tripped and fell to the floor below, landing on a steel bar.

CareFlight’s rapid response helicopter was tasked to the scene shortly after 3pm, landing on a nearby oval to drop off its critical care medical team.

Fire and Rescue and Ambulance crews were on scene providing initial treatment for the man who remained trapped by the leg.

CareFlight’s specialist doctor and critical care paramedic provided treatment at the scene, including providing sedation, allowing fire crews to safely cut the bar to free the man.

The man was carried down the stairs while under medical care with the assistance of emergency service teams and his fellow workers.

The CareFlight crew continued to look after the patient as he was transported to Gosford Hospital in a road ambulance in a serious but stable condition.

CareFlight’s doctor praised all involved in helping the man for their great cooperative efforts.