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CareFlight’s Accreditation  

CareFlight is currently preparing for accreditation. The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) involve standards around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness and competency. This is obviously essential for our operations in the Northern Territory but equally applicable to our service in other parts of the country. It starts with identifying if a patient is of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin, and recording this information in administrative and clinical information systems.  

The standards include demonstrating strategies to improve the cultural awareness and cultural competency of the workforce to meet the needs of its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. We are also required to ensure we are partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to meet their healthcare needs.  

CareFlight’s safety and quality priorities must also address the specific health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and demonstrate a welcoming environment that recognises the importance of the cultural beliefs and practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

More information on the accreditation standards CareFlight is working to meet can be read here.