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The CareFlight rapid response helicopter landed in a paddock near the injured child's home.

Toddler suffers chest burns

31/5/2015 A two-year-old boy suffered burns to his chest after tipping hot noodle soup down his front at the family home...

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The boy is assessed on scene before being flown by the CareFlight helicopter to hospital.

11-year-old airlifted with possible spinal injuries after tackle

30/5/2015 An 11-year-old boy was flown to hospital to undergo scans for a possible spinal injury sustained in a tackle during a junior football game in the Blue Mountains...

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CareFlight's emergency doctor treats the injured girl.

15-year-old girl injured in motocross bike fall

24/5/2015 A 15-year-old girl suffered number of serious fractures to her left arm and left leg following a fall off a motocross bike in South Maroota...

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Two of the damaged cars involved in the five car pileup - CareFlight was called to the scene.

Five car pileup on M4

13/5/2015 Peak hour traffic on Sydney’s busy M4 motorway made way for the CareFlight rapid response trauma team when the crew were called to a five car pileup...

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CareFlight’s team with NSW Ambulance and NSW Police prepare to airlift the injured man.

Man airlifted after mums day dirt bike tumble

10/5/2015 A 58-year-old man was flown to hospital late today after coming off a dirt bike on a semi-rural property in Sydney’s north west...

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The CareFllight rapid response helicopter landed at a nearby industrial site.

Man’s foot amputated in home accident

9/5/2015 A 60-year-old man had his left foot partially amputated and some toes fully amputated while using a ride-on lawnmower at home...

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CareFlight and NSW Ambulance teams prepare the patient for airlifting.

Woman airlifted after horse fall

7/5/2015 A 53-year-old woman was flown to Sydney’s Westmead Hospital with a possible head injury after falling from her horse on the city’s northern outskirts...

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CareFlight and emergency services on the scene at Windsor Downs.

Woman trapped following car crash

4/5/2015 A woman in her 20s suffered leg injuries and was trapped in her car following a two car crash at Windsor Downs....

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The CareFlight rapid response helicopter team was called to the accident.

13-year-old-boy hit by car

30/4/2015 A 13-year-old boy was placed in an induced coma after being struck by a car in Glenhaven this afternoon...

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