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Lachlan and crew

Lachlan’s story

It was a typical Sunday at the CareFlight base, at the end of a hot weekend, when the 000 emergency call came - a six-year-old boy found unconscious at the bottom of a...

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Ashley patient pilot

Ashley’s Story

It made Dr Shane Trevithick and pilot John Hoad's day to be reunited with two-year-old Ashley at the CareFlight...

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Luke’s Story

When seven-year-old Luke fell off his bike, he couldn't get up. He rolled around on the ground, saying his head was sore. There were no marks on Luke's helmet, and he didn't appear to be bruised or bleeding. But when he started vomiting, his...

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Rhett’s Story

Rhett was involved in a horrific freak accident on one of the most remote properties in Australia. It took a helicopter, an aeroplane, several hundred phone calls and many people, including doctors and nurses, to save his life after a tyre smashed into his head ends....

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