CareFlight, Infiniwell, and Clarity Medical are pleased to announce the successful completion of a joint proof of concept pilot which demonstrated significant new and improved functionality using smaller, lighter weight, and cost saving equipment during emergency patient transports by CareFlight.

Joint press release – 2023

CareFlight Australia- Northmead, NSW, Australia

Infiniwell AS- Trondheim, Norway; Plano, TX, USA

Clarity Medical PVT LTD- Punjab, India

While CareFlight has long provided outstanding aeromedical services, several opportunities for innovation and improvement were identified, which prompted the pilot led by Chief Innovation Officer Alan Garner, MD.  Some of the opportunities with pilot outcomes included:

  1. Simplified data download and analyses of transport session (currently a manual process). Pilot outcome- Done, with multiple data file formats.
  2. Display and document patient health data in a format that meets national compliance requirements (currently a manual process). Pilot outcome- Done.
  3. Provide timely remote viewing options of the transport session (currently none). Pilot outcome- Done, with multiple local and remote viewing options.
  4. Provide remote monitoring capabilities of multiple monitors/teams (currently none). Done, including map-view of care teams.
  5. Identify smaller, lighter weight, less expensive monitoring equipment. Done, Recobro pack weight 2.2 kgs lighter, is significantly smaller, and saves over US $20,000 per unit. The smaller pack may allow a team member to only carry one bag instead of two.


Close collaboration- Throughout the pilot, CareFlight, Infiniwell, and Clarity collaborated closely as desired enhancements and workflow modifications were both identified and implemented.

“We were delighted to partner with CareFlight Australia and Clarity in this evaluation pilot”, stated Infiniwell’s CEO Odd Sandbekkhaug. “We found Dr. Garner and team extremely creative and helpful providing us with both clinical and technical feedback, making our job much easier”.

“CareFlight’s team has provided excellent critical feedback,” agreed S.P. Rangi, Clarity’s CEO. “While our Recobro monitor is considered world-class, CareFlight’s technical and clinical evaluation in the field challenged Clarity to make further improvements, and we listened.”

Upon completion of the joint pilot, CareFlight concluded that using Infiniwell’s SentioWebTM and Clarity’s Recobro Vigile met all the above opportunities and more. SentioWebTM provides near real-time data from multiple devices and device types, including alarms, waveforms, trends, and a map-view of the devices, which allows remote clinical oversight and case review by receiving hospitals. Infiniwell developed a simplified way to export patient data trends in multiple file formats, all while more efficiently meeting national charting requirements.

Following CareFlight’s recommendations, Infiniwell quickly developed a simple way for the transporting providers to enter level of consciousness and breathing effort, critical information traditional monitors can’t capture. “Infiniwell’s SentioWebTM is currently the only option for an automated solution to comply with the NSQHS trend visibility requirement”, stated Garner.

Disruptive change- “The Recobro/SentioWebTM package represents true disruptive change to the way monitoring can be used in prehospital and retrieval medicine, as it creates functionalities that do not currently exist,” noted Dr. Garner.  Examples cited were in-flight audible pre-configured alarm profiles (via headset), rapid access to data trends, improved screen viewing in direct sunlight, and BLE, Wi-Fi, and internet viewing configuration options.

“These are just a few examples of Infiniwell’s and Clarity’s ability to quickly and capably respond to our clinical feedback”, summarized Dr. Garner.  “From a practical standpoint, the main benefits include improved workflows using lighter and smaller equipment, which can be critical when seconds count. We look forward to continuing to partner with both Infiniwell and Clarity in these and other future endeavors.”