Empowering Remote Communities: CareFlight Hosts Innovative Remote Trauma Course

 CareFlight, a leading provider of aeromedical services, has been delivering educational excellence with highly specialised, evidence based practical workshops for over a decade.

Last Tuesday, March 5th CareFlight was proud to host a Remote Trauma Course (RTC) in Katherine. The course underscored CareFlight’s commitment to empowering individuals in remote communities with essential lifesaving skills and resources.

The Remote Trauma Course (RTC) was specifically developed to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively to trauma incidents, especially in areas where access to immediate medical assistance is limited. Lifelike medical mannequins, simulated accident scenarios, and specially designed simulation equipment create a dynamic, hands-on learning environment that mirrors real-world situations, ensuring that the training is realistic, applicable, and improves participants’ ability to connect learning to real-world situations.

“Our Remote Trauma Course is not just about imparting skills; it is about fostering a culture of preparedness and resilience within remote communities,” said Lara Miller, Head of Operations – Education and Training at CareFlight. “Through interactive learning methods like storytelling and yarning circles, we ensure that the course resonates with all participants, irrespective of their background or learning style.”

The course in Katherine not only addressed typical trauma scenarios encountered in the Territory but also embraced cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.

Local clinic staff Katherine told CareFlight they felt immensely grateful for the opportunity to gain lifesaving skills through the course, commenting that it went beyond imparting knowledge but instilled confidence to be effective first responders in their communities.

In a significant development, Viva Energy has joined CareFlight as a co-sponsor for this course and extended its support to other community courses, including initiatives in the Northern Territory such as CareFlight’s Sick and Injured Kids In the Bush and Infant Care Workshop.

Viva Energy is a long-time supporter of CareFlight, being the main fuel supplier and current naming rights partner for the CareFlight NT Rescue Helicopter powered by Viva Energy, they have also been a steadfast supporter of the Indigenous Employment Pathway Traineeship Program and scholarship programme.

“We are proud to partner with CareFlight in their mission to enhance emergency response capabilities in remote communities,” said Jo Powell, Community Manager, Viva Energy. “This collaboration is aligned with Viva Energy’s commitment to support initiatives that improve access to community services.  This is particularly vital in remote locations where access to healthcare resources can be challenging.”

CareFlight and Viva Energy remain committed to driving positive change and fostering partnerships that empower individuals and communities to thrive, especially in remote regions.