At CareFlight, our doctors and nurses recognise that the tiniest patients often require the biggest rescue efforts.

In December of last year alone, CareFlight crews flew 342 missions. Ninety of those were to rescue children.

In every single case, CareFlight brought the highly specialised care which has been developed and refined over decades of experience around Australia.

The 90 paediatric missions included retrieving sick newborns, attending childhood accidents, helping deliver babies in outback communities and rescuing toddlers from near-drownings.  Our crews travelled by night, through torrential storms, floods and raging fires, bringing hospital-level emergency care directly to young patients.

For people living in remote areas in the Top End, conventional medical help is often many hours away. CareFlight’s Top End Medical Retrieval Service delivers a lifeline to communities when disaster strikes. And if the unthinkable happens far from home, CareFlight’s International Air Ambulance can fly to the rescue with onboard intensive care assistance.

When children’s lives are at risk, every second counts. CareFlight’s Rapid Response Helicopter Service is one of the fastest in the world. Our teams can be airborne within four minutes, flying highly skilled critical care doctors to accident scenes.

Working in remote, regional or urban settings, CareFlight doctors are some of the best-trained emergency responders in the world. They’re either specialists or registrars in one of the three fields of critical care: anaesthesia, emergency medicine or intensive care. Equipped with the latest mobile intensive care units, they’re able to deliver hospital-quality care on the spot. And CareFlight has proved that the sooner someone receives expert medical assistance, the better their chances.

Please give generously today, to help CareFlight fly to the rescue when young lives are in danger.

CareFlight Nurse Paul

A CareFlight nurse since 2008, Paul Campbell has clocked up nearly 1,400 missions.

“I started nursing because I wanted to help children and I thought I could make a difference. So for me, nursing is a very special job,” he said.

For kids, time can run out fast

“One thing you learn in this job is that children, especially very young children, can deteriorate rapidly. Suddenly, you’re facing a life-and-death situation. In those cases, a service like CareFlight’s may be their only hope.”

Your gift matters

“It’s not just a job for me. The CareFlight team love what we do, because we know we make a difference.

“The people I work with aren’t just colleagues, they’re family. But we can’t do what we do without the support of caring, compassionate people like you. Some say we’re the ones that save lives, but I disagree. When you give to CareFlight, you are the real lifesaver.”

Please give generously today, to help us keep flying to the rescue.