More than two years ago, critical care nurse Emily was preparing for adventures in her professional and personal life.

She had just secured a job as flight nurse with CareFlight where her best friend, retrieval specialist, Dr Caroline Macari was working, alongside her Royal North Shore Hospital colleague, CareFlight Medical Director, Dr Toby Fogg.

After completing the CareFlight induction, Emily embarked on a five-week skiing holiday in New Zealand where tragedy struck. Emily was making her way down a slippery, icy path with her skis on when she slipped. With her skis being dragged down with her, Emily was knocked unconscious and had smashed her leg in multiple places. Her leg muscle was also completely detached.

Local medics immediately knew that Emily had to be helicoptered out of the ski field and was immediately transported to Dunedin Hospital. Her stay in hospital was the least of her problems. Clinicians said that Emily had the same injuries found in high-speed motor vehicle accidents.

Watch Emily’s reunion with the colleagues who saved her life CareFlighters going above and beyond for our team

After a series of medical complications, Emily was desperate to come home. One night at 2:00am, Emily desperately reached out to Caroline who immediately mobilised the CareFlight Air Ambulance team.

Before Emily knew it, the logistics team had done everything they could to ensure that the medi-jet was on its way to New Zealand. On board were flight nurse Dave Hughes and CareFlight Medical Director Dr Toby Fogg, who even though he usually does not complete these types of missions, was eager to help a friend and colleague in need. When Toby walked into her room, even after weeks of pain, Emily knew everything was going to be OK.

Fast forward 2.5 years, Emily is now on the mend, and once again proudly bears the title of CareFlight nurse!

Today, CareFlight is proud to have Emily as a valued member of the team, now helping patients on their own roads to recovery.