Garry Maloney’s memories of encountering a CareFlight crew earlier this year remain hazy but there’s one important thing he says he will never forget.

“If it wasn’t for what they did that day, I wouldn’t be standing here now,” he said.

Garry had been ejected from his truck when it rolled on the highway. Trapped beneath the cabin, his arm was pinned and submerged in mud and rising water.

Emergency service crews would need a crane to lift the truck. He remained trapped and hypothermia was setting in. Road ambulance crews were on scene providing initial treatment.

CareFlight’s specialist medical team was called to help, flying through heavy rain.

Low cloud at the scene saw the helicopter drop the medical crew on an oval nearby.

Police conveyed CareFlight’s specialist doctor and critical care paramedic to Garry’s side.

“I don’t remember everything. But I do know they were talking about whether they would need to take my arm. The water was rising and they were worried about the hypothermia,” Garry said.

Thankfully the medical team was able to avoid amputation. They continued providing intensive care while Fire & Rescue coordinated a crane-lift, with support from Police and Rural Fire Service volunteers.

CareFlight’s medical crew were able to get Garry into a road ambulance and off to hospital with the help of paramedics and all the emergency service crews. He remained in hospital for two weeks.

That was just over six months ago.

On the weekend, Garry visited to donate the fundraising proceeds from his beloved Jackaroo 4WD Club to CareFlight.

Our crew were over the moon to meet Garry in much brighter circumstances. Our sincere thanks also to his family, friends and club for their support.

Garry, we wish you the best in the ongoing recovery! Yours is truly an inspiring story of courage and survival.