When little Lily Cross was pulled from the river, there were no signs of life.

Lily loves swimming. But it only took 30 seconds for her to nearly drown in the river near her home.

Her dad Michael was at work. While mum Chelsea was changing her baby sister’s nappy, Lily disappeared.

Chelsea raised the alarm and Michael headed straight for the river. He knew his little girl. All his fears were realised when he saw an unconscious Lily being carried from the water.

CareFlight’s helicopter was called and on arrival the medical team immediately took over. Lily was intubated so she could receive air mechanically.

CareFlight’s specialist doctors continued CPR, but she’d been under water for 15 minutes and the odds were stacked against her.

Time passed and Lily didn’t respond. But they were not going to give up. After nearly 50 minutes of CPR, the CareFlight doctors detected the first sign of life – a tiny, flickering heartbeat.

Today, Lily is making a great recovery. She is living proof that our service makes a difference.

Every day we go out on missions where a life hangs in the balance. One day, it could be the life of someone you love.

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“I’ve always supported the work CareFlight does for the community. But until it touched my family, I didn’t really understand just how amazing they are and what a difference they can make when it’s life or death.

“Please give generously to help CareFlight stay in the air. Like me, you may need them one day.”