As CareFlight’s presence continues to build in Broome this year – to provide the highest standard of medical care to the Oil, Gas and Mining (OGM) industry – it’s contributing in a very real way to our social mission.

In our work with the OGM industry, CareFlight aeromedical and clinical support is made available around the clock, providing a vital lifeline to the men and women working on remote, offshore facilities.

Currently, CareFlight has a number of intensive care paramedics, doctors and aircrew based in Broome, with additional staff coming online in coming months.

In addition to medical evacuations, the team members are equipped to undertake search and rescue operations.

CareFlight medi-jets, operating out of the nearest city, Darwin, are available 24/7 to fly to and from Broome, providing a vital link in the chain of medical care.

As operator of a fully-integrated aeromedical service, CareFlight has years of experience making sure all facets of our medical and aviation operations work hand in hand.

Today, in offshore north Western Australia, CareFlight is able to bring a seamless and timely transition of patients from accident scene right through to hospital Emergency Department.

Every dollar of surplus earned through CareFlight services goes to support our community programs across Australia.

The medi-jets have flight nurses and specialist doctors on board to provide an Intensive Care level of clinical care throughout the patients retrieval.

The surplus generated by our work in the OGM sector is directed back into our community funded programs. It enables CareFlight to undertake a number of high impact operational, educational and training activities that would otherwise be financially unsustainable. In this way, our OGM work is contributing in a very real and tangible way to our social mission.

Those surplus funds along with community fundraising make it possible for us to continually improve the training we provide to the medical staff who conduct these and all our services.

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