CareFlight is excited to be partnering with Nurofen, who is for Australians who do inspiring work to achieve many things.

To acknowledge and celebrate the incredible work of Australia’s life-saving heroes, leading pain relief company, Nurofen, has launched a new initiative that will provide financial and practical support to keep them doing what they do best.

In Australia, up to 2.5 million people are in life-saving roles, from brain surgeons and paramedics to surf life savers and rescue helicopter pilots . In a recent survey commissioned by Nurofen of over 500 Australians in life-saving roles, ‘wanting to make a real difference’ (61%) was the main reason they did what they do. In fact, regardless of everyday pain, 94% of people in life-saving jobs agree they would push through to save lives .

As critical emergency responders, CareFlight reach, transport and care for over 8,500 patients in hard-to-reach locations each year. CareFlight aeromedical pilots dedicate hours of intense concentration during flying – and face physically-challenging tasks on-scene – to reach people with critical injuries and illnesses who would otherwise be unable to receive timely medical support. With no time for pain to get in the way of doing what CareFlight pilots do best – protecting Aussies – Nurofen is proud to announce its three-year sponsorship.

Celebrating pilots who break through pain Nurofen and CareFlight

To kick-off the sponsorship, Nurofen has donated AUD$90,000 to CareFlight to fit-out three of its world-class aeromedical helicopters with state-of-the-art night vision goggles, which will support pilots with rescues at night and in times of low visibility, to ensure Australians receive medical care quickly and more safely.

Mick Frewen, Chief Executive Officer at CareFlight said: “Our CareFlight pilots relentlessly give their all, day after day, to safely fly our patients and aeromedical teams around the country in critical scenarios. Performing high intensity and high stake cross-country flights, our pilots have no time for pain to get in the way of saving lives and protecting the community.”

Reflecting on one such situation where a CareFlight pilot was critical during a rescue mission, Mick shared: “Last year, CareFlight pilot, John Hoad, was involved in a rescue mission for 30-year-old Mark Rudd. Mark fell ten metres onto hard concrete while lopping a tree, suffering severe injuries and immobility. Against all odds, John was able to fly with precision to rescue Mark and ultimately assist in saving his life.

“Our pilots are one of the reasons we can stay true to our commitment to keeping families safe and together. Thanks to the support from Nurofen, our pilots can keep on flying to help others in need and together we can better deliver on our mission to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community.”

Henry Turgoose, Marketing Director at Reckitt Health Australia said: “We are incredibly proud to support the awe-inspiring work of CareFlight and its pilots, facing gruelling situations and breaking through pain each and every day to save lives. They are the perfect representation of the tenacious attitude that sees over 1million Aussies strive for excellence in their life-saving roles.

We are thrilled to support CareFlight over the next three years as our inaugural partner so they can focus on the job at hand, and leave the pain to us.”