CareFlight has commenced providing a new patient transport service for regional and rural patients with NSW Healthshare.

Continuing a 30 year tradition of providing patient care and transport, CareFlight’s medical teams now use aeroplanes and road vehicles to transport patients needing specialist treatment between regional and rural areas of NSW and major tertiary hospitals.

This new service sees an expansion of CareFlight’s fleet of King Air B200 twin engine turbo-prop aeroplanes. Specially fitted with a combination of stretchers and patient seating, the pressurised cabin provides a high level of patient comfort and safety.

CareFlight road vehicles are based in major regional centres, providing patient transport to and from the aircraft. HealthShare co-ordinates all patient movements with the CareFlight HelpPoint, a specialist team equipped to provide logistics support and coordination throughout the patient’s journey.

CareFlight CEO Derek Colenbrander said he was extremely proud that CareFlight is continuing its 30 year tradition of caring for patients.

“Working with the community to provide the highest standard of care to our patients has always been at the core of what CareFlight stands for,” Mr Colenbrander said

“This new service ensures we can treat and transport even more patients and ensure they too experience a safe, reliable, high quality service during their time of need”.

Best known in rural NSW for its helicopter operations and emergency services training, CareFlight also operates aeroplanes and jets to provide patient transport. The new service benefits from CareFlight’s wider network of medical and aviation teams.

Mr Colenbrander said: “It’s about ensuring the patient gets the right care and is transported with the highest levels of safety”.