13-year-old Dylan was enjoying the last day of his school holidays with his mates at a Collaroy Rockpool when the unimaginable happened

He slipped, hit his head on the rock and was submerged under the water. It was through the quick response of bystanders and the Mounties Care CareFlight Helicopter that Dylan is back playing water polo and enjoying life as an ordinary teenager. For his mum Aileen however, she had spent some time recovering from the emotional trauma and still cannot bring herself to look at the rockpool where it all happened. She has also learnt the hard way to never ignore calls from an unknown number.

Fast forward a few months and Dylan and his family reunite with the doctor and crew who saved his life. Dr Patrick Liston vividly remembers the mission as it’s not everyday that the helicopter lands on a crowded beach and he had the additional pressure of both of Dylan’s parents watching him save their son’s life.

Watch as Dylan reunites with doctor who saved his life A touching reunion for Dylan