CareFlight has an Agusta Westland 139 helicopter based in the Top End, providing a critical lifeline to the community.

Darwin’s CareFlight TIO Rescue Helicopter service benefits from all the experience CareFlight has accumulated operating aeromedical rescue helicopters since the organisation began in 1986.

CareFlight helicopter aeromedical missions include treating and transporting patients from accident scenes, transferring patients between medical facilities and search and rescue operations.

The CareFlight model of care has a specialist doctor, nurse or paramedic, pilot and aircrewman working together as a fully integrated aeromedical team. This team effectively takes the hospital to the patient – bringing the best care as quickly as possible.

The CareFlight helicopters are equipped to transport the most seriously ill and injured patients. Fitted with medical stretchers and mobile monitoring systems, they carry specialised medical equipment, oxygen systems, drugs and blood products. They also carry rescue equipment.

The helicopter is generally able to land at the incident site or medical facility. Where a landing is not possible, the helicopter lowers the medical team to the patient by winch. Once the patient has been stabilised, they are winched up into the helicopter and flown to hospital.

The Top End Medical Retrieval Service is operated by CareFlight on behalf of the Northern Territory Government.

CareFlight also undertakes search and rescue missions on behalf of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority including police and emergency services.

CareFlight is raising funds to buy the latest, lightest equipment so we can fly further, faster. When every second counts in a sick baby’s life, it’ll help us save valuable time and precious lives. Please donate today.