CareFlight treats and transports patients needing specialist care between medical facilities across Australia and internationally.

Our highly trained doctors, nurses and paramedics provide the best care possible outside a major teaching hospital. They use specially-fitted and equipped helicopters, turbo-prop air ambulances, medi-jets, supported by our own road transport vehicles, to get their patients to the most appropriate medical facility quickly and safely.

Turbo-prop aeroplane medical retrieval

CareFlight staff transport patient on stretcher to aeroplane

CareFlight operates a fleet of turbo-prop air ambulances to transport patients between hospitals, clinics and medical facilities.

The CareFlight planes are a welcome sight to people living in remote locations who would not otherwise be able to access appropriate medical care. They also bring support to remote area health professionals who provide primary health care through community clinics.

CareFlight planes are staffed by a CareFlight pilot, CareFlight nurse, and often, a CareFlight doctor. The highly experienced aeromedical teams provide a ‘flying hospital’ – a patient retrieval service with a hospital standard of care.

CareFlight operates B200 King Airs in the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory. These planes are equipped to carry the most critical patients. They are fitted with stretcher bases, wide cargo doors, loading systems, oxygen and medical equipment. The aircraft can carry two adult stretcher patients and two sitting patients, as well as the aeromedical crew. The aircraft operate as part of the Top End Medical Retrieval Service (TEMRS) for the Northern Territory Government

In NSW, CareFlight operates dedicated air ambulances to transport patients needing specialist care in regional areas to and from major hospitals in Sydney and Newcastle. We transport patients with all levels of need, including serious cardiovascular problems, obstetric complications, snake bites and severe burns, as well as people injured in car, motorbike, farm vehicle and aircraft accidents.

CareFlight planes also transport children and babies, including premature babies. The planes can accommodate specialised newborn and paediatric equipment such as neonatal intensive care modules and BabyPods.

Community support means CareFlight can continue to develop and enhance this service so our patients receive the very best care. Please help us make our top-class service even better.

Medical helicopters

CareFlight helicopter in flight

CareFlight has been using helicopters as mobile hospitals since 1986. Initially a rapid response trauma service, we soon expanded our helicopter service to include patient transfers between medical facilities. Today, we also use helicopters to serve communities living in remote locations and to rescue people from challenging environments.

Our helicopters are equipped to transport the most seriously ill and injured patients. Fitted with medical stretchers and mobile monitoring systems, they carry specialised medical equipment, oxygen systems, medications and blood products.

Based in the Northern Territory, our Agusta Westland 139 helicopter is available 24 hours a day.

Helicopter operations depend substantially on community support and fundraising. Click here to learn how you can help.


patient is placed into jet

We use medi-jets to transfer critically ill and injured patients to and from anywhere within Australia and the Asia Pacific region. This includes people working in offshore industries, such as oil rigs and freighters.

CareFlight medi-jets are staffed by a pilot, co-pilot, doctor and nurse. International retrievals can be lengthy, so it is imperative to have a doctor with specialist intensive care skills and equipment on board in case a patient’s condition deteriorates during flight.

CareFlight is the dedicated inter-hospital aeromedical evacuation jet provider for the Northern Territory Government. A long-range Gulfstream G150 jet services this contract representing a new generation of aeromedical retrieval and transfer capability in Australia

Our extensive experience in managing the logistics of interstate and international patient transfers allows us to undertake the most complex missions. Having our medi-jet operations fully in-house means we are able to optimise availability.

Donations from the community help us fit out our aircraft with life-saving specialist equipment.

To enquire about booking a CareFlight jet air ambulance internationally or within Australia please click here.

Road patient transport services

In addition to CareFlight’s fleet of aircraft, we have a number of patient transport vehicles that transport patients living in regional and rural communities to major metropolitan hospitals for specialist treatment. Our drivers and road nurses deliver reliable low and medium acuity transport services between care providers, helping to alleviate distance challenges faced by people who have limited access to healthcare.

CareFlight introduced the Patient Transport Service in northern New South Wales to transport patients to and from hospitals in Sydney. The service is often supported by our fixed wing aircraft.

In the Northern Territory, CareFlight’s Palmerston Inter-hospital Road Transport Service (PIRTS) transfers patients between Royal Darwin Hospital and Palmerston Regional Hospital.

To enquire about CareFlight’s tailored solutions with road patient transport vehicles please contact us here.

Integrated medical services

eFlight aeroplanes and helicopter

CareFlight is the only provider in the Asia Pacific region with capabilities across the full range of aeromedical services – including helicopters, turbo-prop and jet aircraft with our own network of specialist doctors, intensive care nurses and paramedics.

This diversity in aircraft and medical crew enables us to tailor any combination of these capabilities to meet the requirements of our patients and clients, positioning us to offer and deliver effective and unique customised solutions.

Our fully integrated aeromedical service brings cutting edge aeromedical solutions. For example, we offer long-distance tele-medicine that links remote locations or offshore industry to hospital specialists. It means bringing hospital level care to the patient and initiating early treatment with remote specialist oversight while a medevac team is on the way.

CareFlight has also been at the forefront of providing aeromedical support to oil and gas operations in north-west Australia.

All surplus revenue, generated by providing services for fees, goes directly to supporting our charitable operations and the lifesaving work we do in the community.

Paediatric and newborn transport

tor attends to baby in jet

Very sick babies and children need extra special care. Our doctors, nurses and paramedics have extensive experience in the emergency transport of very young, delicate patients, including premature babies.

Our planes can accommodate specialised newborn and paediatric equipment such as neonatal intensive care modules.

Flights save children’s lives

In the Top End, CareFlight provides a 24-hour aeromedical paediatric service on behalf of the Northern Territory Government. CareFlight doctors and nurses use helicopters and aeroplanes to transport babies and children between medical facilities and from accident scenes. The aircraft are fitted with specialist equipment so the CareFlight medical teams can provide a hospital level of care for the tiniest patients during flights.

Lighter and more advanced aeromedical equipment is constantly being developed to allow our aircraft to fly further and faster. The better our equipment, the more efficiently we can transport our paediatric patients.

Please help CareFlight buy the most advanced medical equipment so we can save more fragile young lives.

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