Sick and Injured Kids in the Bush Workshops - CareFlight

In 2018, CareFlight launched a unique training course that was a direct response to concerns in remote and rural communities that felt like they were not well-equipped to manage injuries and illnesses in children and babies.

With paediatric cases posing a challenge for many clinicians, especially those with limited access to the right resources, the Sick and Injured Kids in the Bush workshops were designed to assist clinicians diagnose and treat children to ensure they receive the vital treatment they need.

These workshops include theoretical presentations, practical skills, and simulations to educate community health clinicians and health practitioners in isolated and remote regions of Australia about specific childhood conditions and illnesses that they may not have experienced.

CareFlight also runs customised sessions in Indigenous communities to teach residents how to better prepare for the arrival of a CareFlight helicopter or fixed-wing medical team.

Operated at no cost to participants thanks to the generosity of Australian’s who donate to this good cause, CareFlight’s community education courses are able to improve health outcomes and build resilience in remote, rural and regional Australia.

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