Through Workplace Giving (also known as Payroll Donations or Deductions), employees can nominate an amount per week, fortnight or month through their company’s payroll deduction system.

For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee each pay, you can help save someone’s life. At the same time, you can reduce your tax. From CareFlight’s perspective, it reduces the administration costs associated with processing donations whilst providing a regular and reliable income stream.

How to make a payroll donation

There are four easy steps in organising your payroll donation:

  • Check with your employer and confirm they support Workplace Giving.
  • Download the Payroll Giving Form and give the completed form to your payroll manager.
  • Instruct your payroll manager to deduct your nominated donation amount from your pre-tax salary each pay period.
  • Request the payroll manager to forward the authorisation form to us.

Frequently asked questions

What if my workplace doesn’t have a Workplace Giving program?

Double check with your payroll manager or employer – it is something most employers will support, or have already established.

Workplace Giving is optional and both the employee and the employer must agree to participate.

How can I build a successful Workplace Giving program?

We suggest the following steps for starting a Workplace Giving program:

  • Secure senior management support
  • Identify a committed group of workplace champions
  • Establish targets and develop an internal promotions plan
  • Monitor and evaluate its success
  • Communicate its success to all stakeholders

What is the benefit for my employer?

One of the main benefits of Workplace Giving is staff engagement. Organisations that actively support ‘giving back to the community’ are more likely to retain employees. This reduces the costs associated with turnover, recruitment and training.

Workplace Giving also reinforces organisational values and helps embed a community culture.

Can my employer contribute?

Absolutely. Many organisations are now matching employee donations dollar for dollar as part of their staff engagement and corporate responsibility strategy.

Some businesses extend their support beyond Workplace Giving. These businesses make significant donations towards specific equipment such as ventilators, training aids and safety wear.