CareFlight operates a fleet of turbo prop aircraft for long-range missions. CareFlight uses specially configured and equipped medical aeroplanes to transfer patients from accident scenes and between hospitals.

B200 King air aircraft

CareFlight operates a fleet of B200 King Air aircraft.

The King Air is an American built aircraft and is widely used for aeromedical work. Powered by two gas-turbine engines, it has four-bladed propellers, a pressurised cabin and retractable undercarriage. The King Air is an all-weather, day/night capable aircraft.

CareFlight’s King Airs have been extensively modified to undertake aeromedical missions in Australia. Modifications include:

  • wide cargo doors to allow for easy movement of patients in and out of the planes
  • electro-pneumatic loading systems for quicker, safer and smoother stretcher loading
  • special medical flooring, storage units and oxygen systems
  • purpose-designed radios and navigation systems for CareFlight’s long flights to access patients at very remote locations
  • cabin configuration to accommodate two stretcher patients, two seated patients and the aeromedical team
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B200 Specifications

  • Engines: 2 x Pratt and Whitney PT6A – 42 gas turbines, delivering (850 SHP) each
  • Max speed 570 km/hr (308 knots)
  • Cruising speed 485 km/hr (255 knots)
  • Range 1900 km (1100 NM)
  • Max altitude 10,668 m (35,000 ft)
  • Endurance 6 hrs
  • Max weight 5710 kg
  • Crew 3 (pilot, doctor, nurse)
  • Fuel capacity 3600lbs 1630kg Jet A-1 (refined kerosene)
  • Fuel burn 600 lbs/hr
  • Total length 13.36 m
  • Wingspan 16.6 m


  • Weather radar
  • GPS navigation system
  • Laptop computer with GPS moving map street navigation
  • Dual autopilot
  • Full Instrument Flight Rules IFR) navigation suite:
  • VHF and HF aviation radios
  • mobile phone
  • Satellite phone


  • Ram Air Recovery System
  • Short field enhancement
  • Dual aft body strakes
  • Hartzell/Raisbeck quiet turbofan
  • Propeller kit with auto feather
  • Brake de-ice system
  • Freon air conditioning
  • High flotation landing gear