The I-CARE aeromedical system solves a persistent challenge in the aeromedical industry.

Typically, a patient can be transferred from one stretcher and set of medical equipment to another stretcher/medical equipment configuration several times during a medical evacuation.

This is because the various clinic, rotary wing, fixed wing and road ambulance providers all have their own (and often different) stretcher and medical equipment setups.

Working with industry partners, CareFlight developed an aeromedical stretcher and critical care equipment set that can be easily transferred and secured in the multiple transport platforms used in a medevac.

The system, an aeromedical stretcher and critical care equipment set, is easily transferred and secured in multiple transport platforms. For example, in the offshore oil industry this means someone requiring emergency medical evacuation can be transferred off the rig via helicopter, then to a long range air ambulance, a road ambulance and hospital with the one stretcher and set of medical equipment.

Streamlined, fast and efficient, the I-CARE system is aviation engineered and certified for use in most common airframes, both fixed wing and offshore rotary wing, used in the Australian oil and gas industry. Helicopters can be converted and staffed by CareFlight’s specialist medical team within minutes.

Cutting-edge medical equipment

Our unique I-CARE system is fitted with cutting-edge medical equipment. This includes intensive care standard monitoring and cardiac devices, ventilator and medication delivery systems. CareFlight’s experienced teams are familiar with all the equipment, which is designed for use by expert clinicians with years of clinical in-hospital and ambulance service time.

The I-CARE system is testament to CareFlight’s ongoing dedication to research and development. Ultimately, this ability to improve aeromedical systems will save more lives and improve patient outcomes offshore and marine crews.

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