How Veronica Embarked on her CareFlight Journey

Veronica’s story is a testament to the transformative power of traineeships and partnerships that foster professional growth and community engagement. Her experience with CareFlight, supported by the Viva Energy Sponsorship, showcases the impact of dedicated programs aimed at nurturing Indigenous talent and promoting reconciliation within the workplace.

Veronica embarked on her journey with CareFlight following her move from Queensland in 2020, driven by a passionate pursuit of professional growth. Despite the nerves in anticipation of her first job interview, her eagerness to learn and embrace new roles led her to secure the position of administrative trainee at CareFlight, sponsored by Viva Energy.

“When I moved from Queensland after graduation, finding opportunities was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Landing my first job here was a huge milestone.”

Transitioning into her role on September 12, 2022, Veronica found herself immersed in a diverse and supportive atmosphere. Engaging with professionals across various disciplines, from pilots to nurses, became an enriching experience, providing her with multifaceted insights and invaluable learning opportunities. “The culture here is incredible,” Veronica emphasised, “and learning from industry experts has been a highlight.”

As Veronica continued her pathway with CareFlight, an opportunity arose.   Veronica saw an opportunity to leverage and improve her skills and expertise. She successfully applied for and was selected for the Administration Officer role, commencing on 15 January 2024 and is now a permanent employee at CareFlight.


Support through Indigenous Youth Mobility Program (IYMP)

The Indigenous Youth Mobility Program (IYMP) has played a pivotal role in Veronica’s career development. In addition to providing transportation, the program helped her prepare for the interview by conducting mock interviews and supplying professional attire, ensuring Veronica felt prepared and empowered.

Furthermore, IYMP’s support extended to pre-employment checks, ensuring Veronica had all the necessary documentation and qualifications for her traineeship. Beyond the workplace, they assist with accommodation, teach essential life skills like budgeting and meal planning, and maintain regular catch-ups for ongoing support and communication.

“The IYMP has been a huge help. They provided transportation to and from work and made it possible for me to pursue this traineeship. Their support made a significant difference in getting me started.”


Professional Growth and Viva Energy Partnership

Veronica’s growth trajectory owes much to the transformative impact of the partnership between CareFlight and Viva Energy. Beyond providing qualifications and avenues for career advancement, this collaboration empowered Veronica with essential skills, fostering her confidence, work ethic, and communication abilities. “This traineeship has been instrumental in honing my skills and boosting my confidence,” Veronica attested. “The partnership with Viva Energy not only offers qualifications but also opens up avenues for other Indigenous youths.”


Highlights and Influences:

Amidst her experiences attending events like the hangar ball and engaging with remote communities, Veronica found herself honing various skills. “The diverse experiences, especially engaging with remote communities, have broadened my perspective,” Veronica shared. Her role allowed her to experience different cultures firsthand, highlighting the contrast between communities in Darwin and her hometown.

The traineeship has equipped Veronica with transferable skills, from computer literacy to effective document management. “Mastering computer skills and effective communication have been invaluable takeaways from my traineeship” she emphasised.

Navigating the challenges of balancing work and study wasn’t an easy feat, but mentors like Terri (Senior Human Resources Manager), Justine (Community Relations Manager), and Sara (facilities and fleet coordinator) provided unwavering support. Their guidance helped Veronica maintain her focus and stride forward amidst difficulties. “Their encouragement was pivotal in overcoming hurdles and staying motivated, My colleague Tanesha was also a big help because she has done the traineeship before and showed me the ropes of it,” Veronica acknowledged.


Daily Tasks and Professional Development

Veronica’s daily responsibilities encompass a diverse array of tasks, ranging from assisting with schedules and handling administrative duties such as filing and emails, to supporting the facilities and fleet coordinator in maintaining a well-organized workspace.

Since assuming the role of Administration Officer on January 15, 2024, Veronica has demonstrated remarkable versatility and proficiency across various domains. Whether meticulously filing medical case notes, including PIRTS and Medical Check Lists or arranging meeting logistics and ensuring the availability of office supplies, Veronica embraces her new role, contributing to the seamless functioning of operations within CareFlight.

Beyond her administrative duties, Veronica assumes a pivotal role as a central point of contact for staff inquiries, maintenance requests, and the management of onsite accommodation. Her responsibilities demand meticulous attention to detail and effective communication skills, qualities she effortlessly embodies with poise and finesse.

Veronica’s unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth shines through in her completion of the Cert III Business, and her ongoing pursuit of the Cert IV in Business. These achievements, alongside her involvement in managing permits for staff travelling to remote communities, serve as significant milestones in her journey. Each task undertaken equips her with invaluable transferable skills, further bolstering her confidence in navigating the diverse terrain of the workplace.

Fostering Reconciliation and Building Bridges

Veronica firmly believes that programs like her traineeship are critical in fostering reconciliation and creating opportunities for First Nations individuals within the workforce. “Initiatives like this are crucial in offering opportunities and nurturing skills,” Veronica stressed. “They encourage Indigenous youths to step into the workforce with confidence.”

The Role of Traineeships in Cultural Understanding

In Veronica’s eyes, the Viva Energy partnership holds the potential to pave the way for others by providing qualifications, nurturing skill development, and opening doors to higher roles, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive professional landscape. “It’s about creating pathways and opportunities for the future generation” Veronica affirmed.

Veronica’s journey, supported by CareFlight and Viva Energy, highlights the immense potential of traineeships in empowering young individuals and fostering a more inclusive, culturally aware workforce.

Veronica’s involvement in the traineeship program resonates with CareFlight and Viva’s shared mission of providing educational pathways. It also aligns with CareFlight’s reconciliation plan to strengthen ties with Indigenous communities and create new ways to empower Indigenous peoples.



Continued Growth and Support

As Veronica continues to excel in her role, she remains committed to her professional growth journey. With the unwavering support of mentors and colleagues, Veronica is prepared to embrace future challenges and opportunities with confidence.

Veronica’s transition to the Administration Support Officer role exemplifies CareFlight’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing pathways for career advancement. Her dedication, coupled with the support of the Viva Energy partnership, underscores the organization’s mission to empower individuals like Veronica and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.