Up, up and away CareFlight's first 30 years

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Up, up and away: CareFlight’s first 30 years

In The News: If you can't get a critically injured patient to hospital in time, why not fly the hospital to the patient? That is the guiding philosophy behind charity CareFlight, whose aircraft have been retrieving seriously hurt patients and rushing specialist doctors and nurses to accident and disaster scenes for more than 30 years...

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CareFlight CICO course


More ways to save lives – sharing skills in emergency medicine

Our educators run special courses on keeping patients alive when standard methods don't work...

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ICARE stretcher


CareFlight’s I-CARE system at the forefront in aeromedicine

Working with oil and gas industry partners, CareFlight developed an aeromedical stretcher and critical care equipment set that can be seamlessly transferred between the multiple transport platforms used in an offshore medevac...

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CareFlight Stretcher Bridge


CareFlight’s ground-breaking Stretcher Bridge System

The CareFlight ‘Stretcher Bridge’ System, a mobile intensive care unit, has played a major role in the evolution of critical care transport systems in Australia...

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HIRT mission 2006

Medical Research

Head Injury Research Trial

The Head Injury Retrieval Trial (HIRT) was a clinical trial designed to test whether the delivery of trauma physician management to accident scenes would improve outcomes for head injured patients...

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